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Helping families achieve and maintain great oral health since 2003

At Family Legacy Dental you are more than just a number.  Our staff cares about each patient that walks through our doors.  We want to work with you to maintain your best smile. We have  great doctors and hygienists that can help your family achieve and maintain your oral health, whatever the need may be. Come in today to meet our highly-trained, and very friendly, bilingual staff.  We accept most insurance plans and can see medicaid up to age 19.  




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Orem, UT 84057

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Areas of Expertise

Pediatric Dentistry

We recommend your child visit the dentist for the first time when his or her first tooth appears.  We want your child to have regular trips to the dentist before needing any treatment to establish a positive relationship with the dentist.  Going to the dentist every six months can prevent a majority of dental issues and promotes good oral health.

sedation dentistry

At Family Legacy Dental we understand that fear, anxiousness, and nervousness are natural.  A bad dental experience for a young child can impact visits to the dentist for  years to come.  Our goal is to make your visit to our office comfortable so that you can continue to take care of your oral health.  That’s why we offer nitrous “laughing gas”,  conscious/oral sedation, and IV sedation dentistry for our patients.  

family dentistry

We welcome patients of all ages to our dental office.  Whether you’re visiting us for a checkup, a dental crown, or a complete smile makeover, we want to be the team you trust for quality, comprehensive dentistry. We emphasize prevention, because we truly believe that most serious dental problems can be avoided with routine cleanings and preventative care. 

Movie glasses

We know that it can be stressful going to the dentist.  We offer ZEISS movie glasses to help you relax and watch a movie during treatment.  Let us handle your teeth while you escape into a fairytale wonderland, or get caught up in the latest thriller.


It’s important for children to see an orthodontist as early as age 7 to check for problems that require correction. As baby teeth are replaced by a permanent set many problems with misalignment can occur, and early treatment is essential. Can we add another line here? Sorry! That's annoying. Just so all the text lines up perfectly.

theme rooms

We have theme rooms to help put your child’s minds at ease.  Come visit our jungle, ocean or beach rooms.  For our older patients we have aspen inspired rooms.


Life is short — SMILE while you still have teeth!
— xxx


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